Opening PVC and development of industrial production

History of the discovery of PVC is very interesting and, at the same time, dramatic.His open and safely forgotten, then re-opened.And so a few times.As a result, it is quite simple compound has four founders, and recognition came to him a century later.

long been known to scientists or researchers, when they invent something new (device or material) is driven not considerations of convenience and savings, and the desire to learn or create a new higher level.The same thing happened with the French chemist and mining engineer Regnault, first received the PVC.This happened in 1835.When Henri Victor Regnault worked in Giessen, Justus von laboratory Libigsa.In a solution containing chloride, which was a few days in vitro on the windowsill, there were significant changes:formed a white powder.Most likely, this contributed to the sunlight, reacted with a solution.His trial continued Regnault in Lyon (France).He tried to hold the received powder different experiments, but not cause any further reaction, or dissolve it Regnault and could not.As a result, a scholar, writing and publishing his observations, was no longer do so, obtained by chance, a substance.Thus, Henri Victor Regnault was first polyvinyl chloride, without knowing it.

more details first product of polymerization of vinyl chloride was investigated in 1878, but the results of these studies, the property industry and did not become.This happened only in the next century.

In 1912.began searching for new opportunities for industrial production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).Scientist Fritz Klatt, serving the German chemical company "Grayshayn Electron", combined with hydrogen chloride and acetylene, the resulting solution is put on the shelf.After a short time he saw the fallen, and the precipitate.Since the chemistry, at the time, already knew about the structure of matter, scientists realized that this polymer (vinyl chloride).In 1913, Fritz Klatt was the first patent for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).He hopes to use PVC instead of celluloid, as compared with hard PVC ignited.Beginning of World War I prevented Fritz Klatt do more properties of PVC and its application, the production was frozen.Despite this, Klatt deservedly considered the ancestor of the industrial production of polyvinyl chloride.

a large scale production of PVC started in Germany in the thirties.In 1931.pASF union issued the first tons of PVC.In the German town of Bitterfeld has launched a line designed to manufacture thousands of tons of PVC and a half year.Firm substance was patented in Germany, but of little he has not found;in 1925.term of the patent has expired.At the same time working on the production of polymer American scientist Waldo Cylon.In 1926,.he manages to get the PVC and it describes a new Cylon.In the same year the U.S. company, which employed a scientist, receives a patent for PVC, but, unlike the Germans, very quickly come up with a way to use it.Initiative again comes from the Cylon, recommend doing a polymer bath curtains.Next, the fate of PVC started to develop very, very well:in 1931., BASF launched the first production (multi-ton) for the output of polyvinyl chloride, did almost everything - from baby bottles to car parts.

After the Second World War, PVC has acquired the status of the mass of material for the manufacture of films, floor coverings, profiles, tubes and many other plastic products.

In the middle of the twentieth century began to use PVC for windows and.First, in the U.S., and later in Germany have been patented in the first window profiles with PVC.


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