Plasticized polyvinylchloride-product of processing, in addition to containing the components used in obtaining vinyl plastic, 30-90 parts by weight of plasticizer.(Eg, phthalate esters, phosphoric, sebacic or adipic acid, paraffin hloririrovannyh).Plasticizer significantly reduces the glass transition temperature of PVC, which facilitates the processing of the composition, reduces the brittleness of the material and increases the elongation.But at the same time reduced the strength and dielectric performance, chemical resistance.Plasticized processed mainly in the form of pastes and plastisols (PVC emulsion dispersion in plasticizer.);produced in the form of granules or strips, sheets, film,.Use it mainly for the manufacture of insulating and sheathing materials for electric wires and cables, for the production of hoses, linoleum and floor tiles, materials for walls and upholstery, molded-core products, artificial leather.Transparent flexible plastic tubing used in blood transfusion systems and life support systems in medical technology.Polyvinyl chloride with a high resistance to heat, produced in small quantities, are used for fiber production.

Basic properties of plasticized.

Density:1,18-1,30 g./ Cm3.

Tensile strength:10-25 MPa.

Compressive Strength:6.10 MPa.

static bending strength:4-20 MPa.


Brinell hardness:110-160 MPa.

Tensile Modulus:7.8 MPa.

Specific impact strength for plates with a thickness of 4 mm notched:7-15 kg / cm • cm2.

Thermal:0.12 W / (m • K).

Specific heat:1.47 kJ / (kg • K).

Coefficient of thermal expansion:(100-250) • 10-6 ° C-1.

Volume resistivity at 20 ° C:109-1014 ohm • cm.

Dissipation factor at 50 Hz:

Permittivity at 50 Hz:4,2-4,5.

Electrical strength at 20 ° C:25-40 MW / m.

The disadvantage is the tendency of PVC plasticizers to migrate, and sweating, as well as their ability to extract liquid media, which leads eventually to loss of elasticity and deterioration of frost.The range of materials based on PVC is extremely wide - produced materials for cables, hoses, insulation, gaskets, footwear, for casting products, medical devices.

Properties of PVC can be modified by mixing it with other polymers or copolymers.Thus, the impact strength increases with the displacement of the PVC with chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated or chlorosulfonated butyl metilvinilpiridinovym or nitrile rubber, as well as copolymers of styrene-acrylonitrile or butadiene-styrene-acrylonitrile.


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