Implementation of PVC resin made in China, USA, Russia

Our goal - to become an effective link between primary producers and manufacturers of end products.

We are focused on the consumer. We - customer-oriented company, and the interests of the clients have priority for us. We do not pursue short-term profit and maximum profit on each transaction. The concept of our business involves building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. Each client is unique to us, and we are ready to devote all its resources, knowledge and experience to provide personal terms. We want our company to be credible and respected business partners and customers.

Producers (all producers)

Of Sayanskkhimplast - Russia
OxyChem - USA Xinjiang Zhongtai chemical Co,. China Xinjiang Tianye Foreign Trade Co. Ltd - China Of Sayanskkhimplast - Russia

PVC resin in stock (all photos)